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About Dr. Bone

"Doctor" means Medical Man and scientist and "Bone" in English means bone and in Persian is equivalent to foundation. These two words evoke the message of health and physical strength. Dr. Bone is a teenager who, while being agile, also cares about the nutrition and nutritional value of products. Dr. Bone is proud to have entered the homes of Jelly Gum lovers since 2018 with the natural color Jelly Gum. One of the main advantages of Doctor Bone products is the use of natural colors derived from nature for the first time in Iran, which guarantees the health of consumers.

Natural Color

Contains Gelatin

Contains Protein

Since 2019, Dr. Bone's portfolio has been expanded by adding vitaminized and 50 % reduced Sugar Jelly Gum and has succeeded in meeting more needs of consumers with different spectrums. Dr. Bone appeared in pharmacies with multivitamin Jelly Gum in 2021 and was proud to be one of the producers of Iranian Pharmacy Jelly Gum and was welcomed by children by turning Vitamins and Minerals into delicious food. We are proud that by producing Health-Oriented, Creative, and of course delicious products for the first time in the country's Confectionary industry, we received a safety and health award on World Food Day, and more importantly, we are proud to be able to play a special role. in the health and well-being of future generations. Availability of Dr. Bone's Multivitamin products with specific and controllable expiration dates compared with similar imported products has been one of the created values for consumers.
In 2023, by a valuable action, Dr. Bone started the production of delicious Sugar-free Jelly Gums, products that were formulated and produced with the aim of using all segments of society, including patients with Diabetes and people who are not interested in consuming Sugar.
But a very impressive and rare action in the industry is entrusting all the affairs of Dr. Bone's factory to capable Iranian women. Our goal at Dr. Bone's factory is to flourish the talents of Iranian women in all jobs, including factory management, Forklift drivers, managers of Quality Control and production staff, security etc. The women working in this factory do their best to continue Dr. Bone's path and play a significant role in the growth and health of children by providing high-quality and creative products.
Why are artificial colors removed from Dr. Bone's Jelly gums?
Foods containing artificial colors have more exciting colors and glaze than natural colors and increase appetite. However, this type of foods also have disadvantages such as reducing children's intelligence, exacerbating allergies and increasing hyperactivity; that's why doctors recommend using lower-risk alternatives if possible. Aware of this issue, Dr. Bone Jelly gums have no artificial and chemical dyes and are health-oriented snacks for lovers of this model.

“Dr.Bone” “Doctor” is a professional who practices medicine. In English “Bone” means living tissue that makes up the body's skeleton, on the other hand in Persian means base and settlement.

These two words convey the message of health and physical strength. Dr.Bone, is like a teenager who is agile and cares about the nutrition and nutritional value of products at the same time. The product portfolio of this brand includes gummies without artificial colors and is suitable for all ages.