Jelly Gum

All colors of Dr. Bone Jelly gums are 100% natural and based on plants and fruits. Dr. Bone's Jelly gums contain protein and eating them as a snack can help supply the body with the protein it needs. The products of this brand are produced with the Halal logo in a completely hygienic environment by using quality raw materials under the supervision of doctors and specialists of the Food and Drug Administration.

“Dr.Bone” “Doctor” is a professional who practices medicine. In English “Bone” means living tissue that makes up the body's skeleton, on the other hand in Persian means base and settlement.

These two words convey the message of health and physical strength. Dr.Bone, is like a teenager who is agile and cares about the nutrition and nutritional value of products at the same time. The product portfolio of this brand includes gummies without artificial colors and is suitable for all ages.